Photo by DVVINCI

Hello! Welcome to SavannahBritt.com. I decided that with the New Year on the horizon, what better time than to start a website? I wanted to create a website that could serve as the central hub for anything and everything “Savannah Britt” related. I seem to do a million and one things on a daily basis, and I wanted to create a platform that would allow me to share with the public a glimpse in the life. I keep a busy schedule. I run my own public relations company, GP & Britt Public Relations. In addition, I am a content contributor to Boi-1da.com. I’m always on the field connecting the dots for some of your favorite people and brands.

I enjoy shuffling through Soundcloud and curating playlists. I enjoy interviewing artists. I like to travel and admire art in new cities. I prefer the scenic route to the express lane. I’m a sashimi connoisseur, and I know every line to the movie Mean Girls. I’m a wide-ranging individual with a desire to cover all parts of the world. One day I’m on set creative directing a shoot for a big client, and the very next day I’m riding a cruiser bike through the streets of New Orleans. A lot comes with Savannah Britt, and I’m finally ready to share this in totality with the world. My life is fueled by adventure, beautiful memories, and a desire to shift the culture.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I enjoy steering it. Meet me at the corner of Fun & Livelihood. The aux chord and Henny will be waiting.

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