#ICYMI Listen to My Interview with Remy Boy Monty

#ICYMI Listen to My Interview with Remy Boy Monty
Photo by DVVINCI

I recently sat down and interviewed Remy Boy Monty for Boi-1da.com. The Paterson, NJ native  has etched his way into hip-hop’s soundscape off a signature sound, one that has been highly recognizable by its buoyant knocks and catchy hooks. His 2015 effort Monty Zoo, a 17-track tape, was solid from start to finish. Hits like “Witchu” and “Oochy Wally” ascertained to be strip club certified, traffic light approved, and overall sustenance to the ear.

As fourth quarter comes to a resolution, Monty prepares to usher in his latest effort Monty Zoo 2. What better time than to catch up with the young star.

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