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Modish Drinks for a New Year’s Eve at Home from Jose Cuervo


New Year’s Eve doesn’t always mean sequin dresses and crowded club couches. Relaxing and undemanding plans are always an other side of the coin. Thanks to our good folks over at Jose Cuervo, they’ve provided us with the perfect drinks for a hang loose fete. Invite each of your close friends over. Congregate and combine two circles, and see where the vibes takes you and your guests. Add some liquor, good music and appetizing food to the stir and the chips and guac will fall into place.

Check out some of our favorite drink choices below!




2 shots Jose Cuervo® Especial Silver
1 shot of fresh lime juice
.5 shot triple sec
.25 shot agave nectar
jalapeño stuffed olives for garnish
glass: martini

The Late Night



1 shot Jose Cuervo® Especial Silver
1 shot triple sec
2 shots of fresh orange juice
.5 shot fresh lime juice
glass: martini

The Dead Flower



.5 shot Cuervo Especial Silver
.75 shot St. Germain elderflower liqueur
1 shot Ruby grapefruit juice
Top up with Brut champagne

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