#TBT I Fell in Love with New Orleans

#TBT I Fell in Love with New Orleans


I love traveling. It’s my escape when the entertainment industry seems to become weighing. Don’t get it twisted, I love my job. But understand that a lot comes with it. Traveling allows me to dip off and be around new terrain, people, and food. Whether it’s a road trip, train ride, or plane ticket, I’m very open-minded to new travel experiences.

Back in September I went to New Orleans with my home girl Joan. We found our flights and AirBnB’ed it to make it happen. While in New Orleans, I connected with my friend Nick. Now what’s interesting is, Nick and I have been friends for a few years now but had only met on one other occasion. Nick, like many other people that I know, is an “Internet friend.” Meaning, I met Nick online through the blogging and PR circuit. Nick runs a cool website called My Hell of a Life. We’ve managed to stay connected and when I knew I was making the NOLA trip, it was only right that I give him a shout.


Thank God for the Internet and allowing me to meet cool people like Nick. Needless to say, he served as Joan and I’s tour guide throughout our stay. From New Orleans’ best fried chicken to a low key hood club, Nick showed us just about everything. My favorite part of the trip was Nick’s bike tour. In addition to his website MHOL, Nick and his friends run one of the city’s most popular bike tours, Bike Rite NOLA. It’s an awesome experience that allows you to experience the ins and outs of NOLA from the seat of a bike. Check out the pics below!

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