My Thoughts On 2016 in a Nutshell

My Thoughts On 2016 in a Nutshell
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In the words of Drake and Future, “What a time to be alive!” Shout out to the year 2016, it was an amazing run. I witnessed so many life-changing moments, from business to personal growth. If you follow me on social media, then you’ve seen some of the awesome things transpire over this past year. Yesterday, I shared an Instagram post with some of my 2016 highlights, so I figured I’d also dedicate a full post to this topic as well.

Below I’ve created a list of 2016 lessons that I’ve learned. Hopefully you enjoy and can relate.

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Always feed your passions.

Like a plant needs water and plant food to grow, so do your passions. With that being said, it’s always in your best interest to feed the things that you are passionate about, so that they will grow. Every moment spent doing the opposite will only yield contrary results. Want to travel? Plan a trip and make it happen. Want to enjoy art? Pick a day every week that’s dedicated to art museum exploration. Want to make a ton of money off something you love? Do your research, find the resources, and make it happen.

Always focus on bettering yourself.

As humans, it’s in our nature to care about others around us. We get so comfortable walking around in our own physical being that we forget to take care of our own selves! It’s important that you wake up every day figuring out new ways to better yourself. Read more books, climb more mountains, do more squats, find professionals who can help solve your problems. All of this helps ultimately in bettering oneself.

Trust your intuition.

Have you ever felt something or had a feeling about something and your next thought is immediately, “Am I crazy for thinking this?” The answer is no. If you feel it, then it’s real. It’s okay to have intuition. In fact, it’s great to have intuition. It means you’re in tune with your third eye. Perhaps this is another tragic flaw of many humans: we often don’t trust what our intuition tells us. If more folks trusted their intuition, maybe we’d all be all the same wavelength. Whether it’s love, fortune, friendship, and beyond–if you’re heart tells you something, then it’s likely coming from a source of instinct. Go with it. What do you really have to lose?

Control your energies.

This is a very big one for me. This year I learned more than ever the importance of allowing certain energies in and out of your life. I really hit a point where I was just tired of allowing certain people and things control my emotions, time, and so forth. With that being said, I’ve really become a strong proponent of controlling my vibe. Energy is a very real thing and it’s transferred through various mediums. When you hang out with someone, you are allowing another person’s energy into your space. When you you have a mishap and dwell about it all day, you are allowing the bad energy of that one thing control the remainder of your day. When you have intercourse with someone, you are allowing your partner’s energy into your soul. The power of energy is real, so be mindful of the sort of energy you are inviting to.

Stay focused.

Plain and simple. Don’t let anything or anyone veer you from your end goal. If you have an objective, then set out to get it done. Distractions are constantly being put in our path, but it’s up to us to entertain them.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year! Put forth your best effort this year. What better time than to follow your heart than now? Be positive, passionate, and selfish. ❤

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