Congratulations Mir Fontane & 300 Entertainment! (Pics Inside)

Congratulations Mir Fontane & 300 Entertainment! (Pics Inside)
All photos by DVVINCI

Being from New Jersey is both a blessing a curse–and for the record: mainly a blessing. We are the home to some of the world’s greatest talent: Whitney Houston, Meryl Streep, Kelly Ripa, Queen Latifah, Bruce Willis, and the list goes on. We are this tiny state that draws inspiration from all corners of the map. Our nearby coastal position allows for memorable summer nights down the shore. While close proximity to cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Boston, allow for quick weekend getaways at your backdoor. New Jersey is the fuel to the fire, the catalyst to what life awaits you, and I love every ounce of it.

For New Jerseyans whom have spent the great majority of their life in Jersey, they understand that there’s a big difference between North Jersey and South Jersey. This may be hard to articulate for one who may not be from Jersey, but the explanation lies here: The cultures between North and South Jersey are totally different. Northern Jersey draws a lot of inspiration and influence from New York City. This happens naturally when the radio stations in these areas pump Hot 97 and Power 105, when even the professional New York sports complexes are housed in Jersey, and when the citizenry even converse with thick New York accents. Southern Jersey sits off in its own bubble. Trademarked by our extensive farm lands (hence the “Garden State” nickname), pork roll sandwiches, and love for Philadelphia Sports, we represent a totally different vibe and flavor.

Our rural location can often leave folks without the right resources to get things off the ground. It’s a slower pace and we aren’t that close to the Big Apple as many would assume. So with a slower pace means a slower pace. The top notch resources aren’t at our disposal. It takes a long drive or a chain of train schedules to get to the NYC hustle-and-bustle to make things happen.  I cheer even louder (still loud regardless) for the names that break out of South Jersey and make it to the Hollywood signage.

A South Jersey, or as we call it “Southside,” success story comes from rapper Mir Fontane. The Camden, NJ native boasts of a heavy fan base out of the tri-state area, one that was accrued organically through extensive ground work. From the help of his manager Jon and Veli, as well as a dedicated team of producers, artists, and fans alike, Mir has catapulted from local to his recent signage with 300 Entertainment.

On Saturday, January 28th, fans and industry folk alike gathered at Philadelphia clothing hotspot UBIQ to celebrate Mir’s signing to the major record label. The event was also powered by REC Philly. Sounds were provided by Quite Hype and DJ Diamond Kuts. The event also featured performances from Mir himself. Special guests included Mike Zombie, Bri Steves, Ish Williams, Kev Rodgers, and more. Afterwards we headed to the after party which was powered by Novum and REC Philly. Check out the flicks below!!

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