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#SavApproved PREMIERE: Mike Zombie & Dougie F Link Up for “Coin In The Bank”


In a Jersey joint effort, Mike Zombie and Dougie F come together for a brand new release with “Coin In The Bank.” Although both hail from the Garden State, the song came together after a studio run-in in Los Angeles. Mike recalls walking in the studio and saying to Dougie, “Yo I got this beat. You wanna fuck with it?” The rest was yesteryear, knocking out the song in an hour’s span.

“Coin In The Bank” is inspired by Sonic 2, featuring a jingle from the video game’s “Chemical Plant” stage. The quirky reworked chiptune is backed by a guitar accompaniment from Torin Martinez. The cover artwork, designed by Mike Z., features two game characters–one with red hair and the other with a yellow top. The red-haired character (Super Sonic) is representative of Mike’s real-life red tresses while the yellow one (Knuckles) is symbolic of Dougie’s yellow du-rag wearing swag.

Listen to “Coin In The Bank” below!

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