My Birthday in San Juan, Puerto Rico

My Birthday in San Juan, Puerto Rico


This year I had the gift of ushering in my birthday in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 23-years-of-age I have arrived! This birthday was special for me in so many ways. First off, I needed a vacation badly. I’ve been working in overdrive these past few months and I owed it to myself to get away, put my email vacation responder on, and catch a tan.

Secondly, I ushered in this birthday with an amazing group of women–my friends Chay, Rashida, and Ashby. It was my first vacation with the three of them and it was memorable to say the least. We stayed in Condado Beach, about three blocks from the beach itself. With perfect 80-degree weather every day of our stay, it was a recipe for a great stay.

Our first night out we went to one of the few food places open after 11 PM, a spot called Waiter’s. We got the party started with Sangria immediately!

On day two, we hit Condado Beach. I forgot to mention that Drake’s More Life dropped upon our arrival (March 18th) so needless to say,  the project was the soundtrack of the trip. We laid out on the beach and bumped the album through my speaker pill. We ordered Long Island Iced Teas, ate tuna tartar, and turned the sand into an impromptu Sports lllustrated shoot. I ended up getting very sick shortly after taking these pics! I was in bed for the rest of the day.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset


After being bedridden for the remainder of the day (and missing an Old San Juan trip), I hopped out of bed and got myself together for the night activities. Chay and Ashby stayed in while Rashida and I stepped out to a spot called Coctelera (1857 Calle Loiza, San Juan 00911). Known for their specialty drinks, it seemed like a must-visit sort of stop. It was totally worth a visit! Great ambiance and a very diverse crowd, with delightful apps and specialty cocktails.

Our waiter recommended that we hit up a club after called Funky Buddha. We went to Funky Buddha, only to find that it was closed. A couple of locals directed us to another club next door and it was lit! Cheap drinks, good music, good crowd–all the vibes one needs.


The following day we got up early and drove to El Yunque National Forest. There was a torrential downpour but we nonetheless trekked through it and made it to the waterfall. It was worth every drop of rain to be able to see the beauty of the waterfall. Shout out to Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for coming through! It is the perfect product for outdoor activities, if you want to give your face a minimal beat and give yourself the perfect amount of day coverage.


At night, we prepped for my birthday. My birthday came at midnight! We went to dinner at a nearby restaurant (can’t remember the name!) that sat on the beach. Afterwards we partied at La Respuesta. The club’s DJ, Velcro, was AMAZING! Free drinks were being thrown my way once the bartenders knew it was my birthday. I love turning up in foreign countries. You can dance however knowing that no one there will know you or care to judge.


The next day we went ATV’ing at Campo Rico. Our tour guide was HILARIOUS. We were laughing the whole time!


At night time we did dinner at Cayo Blanco. Yelp rated it as one of the best seafood places in San Juan. The food was A1. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in San Juan.


Overall, I had an amazing trip filled with many laughs and experiences that are stamped in my memory forever. My friends and I talked about everything from Drake to politics, and there never seemed to be a dull moment. I’m welcoming this new year of age with open arms. Not a day goes by without thanking God for the gifts that he has blessed me with. With that being said, I’m so excited to share with the world some of the things that I have been working on. It’s my Jordan Year, so it’s time to slam dunk on life! Stay tuned!


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