Everything Involving My Collaboration with True Religion (Pics + Video Inside)

Everything Involving My Collaboration with True Religion (Pics + Video Inside)


So, if you follow me on social media, then you know that I recently collaborated with True Religion on some content. To give you the backstory on how this came about, a few months back I connected with a representative from the brand through happenstance. It was honestly fate at its finest, because in all honesty–True Religion is one of the few denim brands I’ve been rocking since 2007. True Religion has always been the perfect jean fit for me. Their jeans are very high end with just the right amount of elasticity to fit my ever-growing wide hips (hey I ain’t mad at ’em for continuing to grow!) and track runner thunder thighs.  They’ve always fit like a glove. It’s the one brand that I can count on to come through on a size 28 every single time.

The next thing I knew, the clothes were on my doorstep and ready to be worn for a shoot. Denim is perfect for all four seasons. Whether you’re rocking the ripped jean look with your favorite band tee or stepping on to the town with a denim frock, denim is versatile and the ultimate piece in any gal’s wardrobe. True Religion gives you so many options to choose from. Here’s my take on summer denim trends!

I collaborated with some frequent collaborators such as DVVINCI, Anthony Chad Styles, and Chant Magazine. In addition, the video’s instrumental was provided by Mike Zombie. I creative directed the shoot myself. I had fun location scouting, picking out a car, going over storyboards, and conceptualizing the overall vibe of how I envisioned the shoot. Being a bad chick flossin’ in the midst of rubble is too much fun! I was very happy with the content that we came up with! Check it out for yourself below!


Creative Director: Savannah Britt
Photo/Video: DVVINCI
Styled by: Anthony Chad Styles
Production Assistance: Chant Magazine
Music/Instrumental: Mike Zombie

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