What to Do on a Saturday Night in Boston

What to Do on a Saturday Night in Boston


Juneteenth weekend was a fail for me this year. Every year I take the trip up to Boston to celebrate the historic holiday in Bean Town’s Franklin Park. It’s always filled with grills, lawn chairs, lots of old school music, and thousands of people gathered around to commemorate the end of slavery.

This year, I ended up pressing snooze on my alarm clock and missed the car ride up to Boston with my parents. My snooze decision comes with good reason… I had a late night beforehand and waking up at 6 AM simply wasn’t going to happen. After finally rolling out of bed, I decided to hop on the Amtrak and head to Boston anyway. Sunday, the 18th, would mark Father’s Day. I owed it to my parents to get up to Boston to share the special moment.

My dad is originally from Boston, so much of my family still lives there. With that being said, I arrived in the evening and linked with my cousin a famed fashion designer-turned-real estate mogul, Brendan Boyd, who is a popular socialite amongst the city outlets. We went to a nightlife spot called Society on High (99 High Street Boston, Ma). If you’re ever in Boston this is a stop you have to pass through!

It’s a restaurant-turned-club when the sunsets. The vibe was luxurious but not too high-and-mighty. If you want to experience a good vibe amongst people of the upper cruster, without feeling the pressure of having to dish out a car payment for bottle service, then this is your go-to. The DJ sounds were provided by DJ RM, who played everything from present-day hip-hop to all the old school 90s and early 2000s hits that feed your soul. Peep the flicks below!


On Sunday, I joined my parents and my uncle for brunch at one of our favorite spots Victoria’s Diner (1024 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02118). If you’re looking for a bomb breakfast with fast service then Victoria’s is a must! Peep those flicks.

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