1WayFrank New York City Press Run

1WayFrank New York City Press Run

Howdy, back at it again! I recently had the pleasure of curating 1WayFrank’s press/office run in New York City. If you’re not hip to 1WayFrank, here’s your chance. The Fort Lauderdale rapper is making a name for himself in South Florida and the greater world alike. His “Ayegirl” record recently hit Spotify’s “Most Necessary” list and SayCheeseTV recently included him on the “Top 20 Florida Rappers” list.


With all the buzz surrounding his name at the moment, it was only right that I was the gyal to call to curate his New York City press/office run. Office stops we made included Shade 45/Sirius XM, Audiomack, Cinematic Music Group, Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Akoo/Playcloths showroom, and more. Peep the flicks below!

Photo & Video by Ra Image and Yours Truly

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