Thanks for Having Me A3C

Thanks for Having Me A3C
Shirt by Oscar de la Renta, Watch by Rolex, Bracelet by Cartier

A3C came and went so fast! So fast that here I am in November blogging about it (LOL). I’ll admit it, blogging about my whereabouts is still very new for me and I’m getting used to it. I promise to do better in the new year!

Overall, A3C was absolutely amazing! Per my A3C prelude post, I shared that I was going to be holding my own workshop at the conference titled “Getting On: Press Relation Dos & Don’ts”. The day of, I showed up to a conference room filled over capacity. Approximately a hundred guests from all over the globe gathered in the room to here me speak. I was overjoyed by all the faces in the room and more importantly the positive feedback that I received afterwards. I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to next year’s festivities!

The day of the event I did an Instagram story takeover with PR Girl Manifesto. Peep the story below and check out the gallery of photos detailing my conference outfit looks!




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