Speaking at Harvard University Was Surreal!

Speaking at Harvard University Was Surreal!



On March 28th, I was invited to speak at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA on behalf of HASA (Harvard African Students Association). Held at Boylston Hall, I participated in a live Q&A with students and the public where we discussed branding, the entertainment industry’s capitalism, career confessions as a woman, and lots more. This moment marked one of my most significant achievements to date–for many reasons.

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I grew up totally obsessed with the movie Legally Blonde, and the character Elle Woods, a beautiful, trendy, and sharp-whitted go-getter. Her fictional character served as a spirit animal for many years as I admired her divine representation of beauty and brains.

Or perhaps my Harvard allure was also credited to its famous alumni like John F. Kennedy, Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. The distinguished Ivy League destination has cultivated some of human history’s most notable names. Needless to say–I was hype!

The most rewarding part about the experience was connecting with HASA. From my experience of attending a PWI, it is crucial that students of color have communities within to congregate and connect, and organizations like HASA provide just that. I interacted with so many students of all different make-ups. From Somalia to Haiti, our conversations were rich and stimulating. Peep the pictures below!

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